Bigen Mens Speedy Colour Natural Brown (No. 104)

Grey Away in 5 Minutes.
Grey Away in 5 Minutes. Bigen Men's Speedy Colour is the solution for men's grey to carry out a stylish look. Attain a clean-cut appearance in no time!! Easy and Speedy Application. Just brush through with the Applicator Comb designed for men's hair, to perfectly cover grey in just 5 minutes. The non-drip and gentle-to-hair cream makes it easier to apply even on sideburn and wavy hair. Look Natural & Healthy. The unique formula with conditioning agents (Olive Oil, Glycerin and Pullulan) gives natural shade, luster and moisture, by penetrating deeply into every strand of hair. Natural and healthy looking results last longer. No unpleasant smell will bother you during the application.
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Tez wrote:
It's brilliant and it does what you say