Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters Pack of 40


Suitable for all Braun ThermoScan ear thermometers: IRT3020, IRT3030,IRT4020, IRT4520, IRT6020, IRT6520, etc
Highly accurate--filters protect the lens from scratches and impurities which might affect the readings
Eliminates the risk of transferring germs by cross contamination
Lens filters must be replaced after every reading to ensure hygienic and accurate results
CE marked, BPA free

Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters LF 40 are designed to ensure accuracy and to prevent cross-contamination with Braun Thermoscan home-use thermometers. These Braun Filters are Braun-certified for consistent accuracy. The filters for the Braun Lens, filters are easy to install and remove and are disposable for your baby's safety. Genuine Braun lens filters are designed to comfortably fit Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometers (IRT3020, IRT4020, IRT4520, IRT6020). Each filter should only be used once, reducing the risk of contamination.

Here's how to use and change the lens filter each time
Place a new lens filter on the thermometer tip before each measurement
Take the temperature with lens filter fitted on the thermometer tip
The temperature will be shown on the display
Press the button below the thermometer tip to eject the used lens filter after each temperature measurement

Box Contains
40 x disposable lens filters

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