Cellcosmet CellEctive CellLift Eye Contour Cream 15ml

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Cellcosmet CellEctive CellLift Eye Contour Cream is an ultra revitalising and plumping cellular cream

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Product Information

Cellcosmet revitalising Eye Contour cream with active stabilised bio-integral cells is specifically formulated to treat the delicate skin tissue of the eye contour. The active ingredients of this cellular Eye Contour cream are formulated in exceptionally high concentrations to:

• Revitalise and hydrate the skin
• Reduce and prevent fine lines around the eyes

This Cellcosmet Eye contour cream is the only cellular cream for the eyes that takes into account your skin’s physiological age and female identity. Its light, non-greasy and highly penetrating texture forms an excellent base for makeup and will not irritate the eyes. Cellcosmet Eye Contour cream is also recommended for use on the lip contour.

Full Product Information
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Main active ingredients:
Active stabilised bio-integral cells (30%): ultra-revitalising, rebalancing
Expert Hyaluron Complex: immediate smoothing
Plumping Agenetics Complex: a vital concentrate for a redensifying, rejuvenating effect
LiftUp Peptide Complex: anti-gravity, lifting
Dermo-Smoothing Peptide Complex: anti-fatigue cutaneous effect
Restructuring Peptide Complex: combats dark circles, lightens
Eye Revival Complex: lightens dark circles, anti-oxidant effect
Extract of Black Elder Flowers: anti-eye bags
Illuminessence Complex: illuminating effect, radiance revealing

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