Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser 200ml


Removes make-up and cleanses due to an original complex of plant oil based gentle cleansing and relipidising agents
Relipidises and softens due to a specific nourishing complex based on essential fatty acids
Calms and nourishes the skin due to floral rose water and shea butter

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The Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser is a rich and soft Makeup Remover Cream with jojoba oil and rose flower water. This unique creamy formula provides the following: 

Removes dirt and makeup with gentle cleansers
Replenishes and softens skin
Calms and nourishes
Cleanses without irritation
Leaves skin smooth and comfortable
Can be used as a pre-treatment
Dermatologist tested

Use twice daily, morning and night. Phyto-Cosmeceutical. For dry and delicateskin and all ages.


Natural and soft cleansing complex based on Olive oil: emollient, relipidising, non-irritant
Soft Almond oil: rich in essential fatty acids, softening, moisturising*, intensive regenerator, nourishing
Floral Rose water: tonic, astringent, decongestant, regenerating, softening
Relipidising complex: longlasting lipophile moisturiser*, softening, nourishing by providing essential fatty acids, anti-ageing
Shea butter: cutaneous protector, moisturising*, nourishing, healing, calming

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