Clarins Cleansing Milk Combination/Oily 200ml

The Clarins Cleansing Milk Combination/Oily is a gentle water-free formula for cleansing oily skin.
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Clarins Cleansing Milk for Combination/Oily skin with Gentian. 

Soothing cleansing milk smoothes away make-up and impurities with spa-like efficiency. Clarins’ blend of purifying plant extracts—including Gentian, Hawthorn and Sage—helps rebalance oily-prone skin while cleansing this oily skin for optimum comfort and radiance. Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly refreshed from excess oil.

To increase effectiveness and prevent over-stimulation or even drying, Clarins recommends cleansing oily skin with the following technique: Place hands flat, without pressing, over the entire face and then lift briskly away to create a suction effect. This literally draws out and lifts make-up and grime as gently as possible, hence cleansing oily skin. Repeat this movement five or six times, then rinse skin thoroughly with tepid water – this is also an important part of cleansing oily skin. Apply in the morning and evening, using Clarins gentle cleansing method.

Key Ingredients

Bio-Ecolia: preserves the skin's balance.
Hydrophilic oils: cleanse.
Vitamins A and E: improve skin quality.
Gentian: tones and heals.
Iris and Hawthorn: decongest and normalise.

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Yummiestmummy3 wrote:
This clarins cleanser smells lovely and always leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and extremely clean
Sophie1111 wrote:
I use this every day, twice a day, with the alpine toner after. I use this with a hot face cloth to gently pat and wipe away, and i wouldn't be without it.

I have acne prone, oily/combo skin and this helps a lot, and keeps my skin well moisturised despite using a drying, topical acne treatment.

Wouldn't look elsewhere for a cleanser, as i have been happy with this for a few years now.

It smells lovely and has a lovely smooth and not too runny or thick texture.
Kelly24 wrote:
I have oily/combination skin & this is definitely one of the best products I have ever used. I use it twice a day and I love it. It smells gorgeous and is a lovely light texture.