Dulcolax 5mg Suppositories for Children 5

Dulcolax Suppositories is a stimulant laxative which acts directly on the bowels, stimulating the bowel muscles to cause a bowel movement. This lighter version is designed with Children in mind.
Dulcolax Suppositories are ideal for people seeking immediate relief from constipation. Like the tablets, the active ingredient in Dulcolax Suppositories is Bisacodyl: a proven and safe compound that has no harmful side effects. Nevertheless, as with all drugs, Dulcolax Suppositories should only be taken during pregnancy on medical advice. With Dulcolax Suppositories the active ingredient is mixed with a completely safe wax-like material which is firm at room temperature, but which melts at body temperature to allow the ingredient to work locally only. Dulcolax Suppositories are specially shaped so that they are easy to insert gently into the rectum. They are especially useful for providing gentle, effective constipation relief to individuals who have difficulty swallowing. Your doctor may advise you to use a suppository before certain medical procedures.
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