Email Diamant - Formule Rouge Original

- A whiter smile without the cost!
- Clinically proven to whiten and brighten teeth with exceptional results.

Rouge- The most famous of the range, thanks to its natural particles that are able to reflect light. This gently provides excellent and prompt results, which are visible day after day. Email Diamant Red formula gives your teeth even more sparkle. Polishing agents gently clean your teeth. Essential oils, such as mint and clove, provide natural anti-bacterial effects and glycerine, along with other ingredients help to form a protective film, able to reduce plaque build-up. Email Diamant - Formule Rouge Original The traditional toothpaste "Formule-Rouge" is surprising not only in its red colour, but also in its unrivalled composition. Enjoy the taste of gentle cleaning with an aniseed aroma and experience how white and radiant your smile becomes.
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Crazy Pete wrote:
I bought this on a whim but am pleasantly surprised. I brush twice a day and I think my teeth are definitely whiter for using this product. Will continue to use.
ZootZootAlors wrote:
I used this for many years in Paris when I was young and thought I couldn't find it in London and then i found it online! It is so good it reminds me of being young again!