Menopausal Skincare

Backed by 14 years of research on the effects of hormonal changes, Vichy Neovadiol meets the unique needs of women during the menopause & beyond.

Since 1992, Vichy have been dedicated to creating skincare to target the signs of menopause in the skin; loss of density, structure, skin sagginess and dryness. 

The Menopause denotes the end of the fertile phase in a female's life. DHEA is an endogenous steroid hormone. It is a key hormone in skin youth. Research found that at menopause DHEA levels can drop by 90%. This combined with gravity influences a decline of the structural fibres in the facial contours and neckline.

Vichy knowing the impact DHEA has on the skin created an ingredient mix known as "Compensating Complex" to help mimic the negative effect this change has on the skin. It is made of five ingredients:

Hedoine: Lipid replenishing
Glycerin: Replumping
Hepes: Exfoliating
Hyaluronic Acid: Plumping
Pro-Xylane: Redensifying.

Combining the Neovadiol range of products allows you to transform and target the specific issues or concern and also care for the skin long term through menopause.