Solgar Dong Quai 520mg Vegicaps 100


Sugar, Salt And Starch Free
Suitable For Vegans

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Solgar's Dong Quai Root Extract is often considered the female Ginseng and is a traditional herb for women.

Solgar's Dong Quai Root Extract is one of the most heavily used female tonics throughout the world. It is used to balance oestrogen levels with the body by binding to oestrogen receptors in cells.

Research also suggests that dong quai may regulate uterine function and may be of value in normalising menstruation. It has shown Dong Quai to be an effective pain releaxer. This combined with its muscle-relaxing qualities enhances its benefits in conditions such as menstrual cramps, headache, arthritis, etc.

Dong Quai appears to act as a smooth muscle relaxant, with a special focus on the uterus. This influence on other muscle tissue may partly account for the use of Dong Quai in blood pressure regulation and bronchial asthma.

Solgar Dong Quai Root Extract is shown to dilate blood vessels, and has been reported to possess a vitamin E-like effect on the circulatory system.

Solgar Dong Quai Root Extract can also have an anti-allergy effect as it would appear Dong Quai can inhibit the production of allergy-related antibodies.

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