Solgar Whey To Go Protein Powder (Strawberry) 454g

A scientifically advanced formulation with ion-exchanged, micro-filtered and hydrolysed whey protein powder, free-form l-glutamine and free-form branched chain amino acids (BCAA's)

Solgar Whey to Go Protein Powder from Landys Chemist is a highly efficient, scientifically advanced protein enhancement product. It is formulated with a blend of three, uniquely processed whey protein concentrates. Each process: ion-exchnage, micro-filtration and hydrolization adds to Whey to Go Protein Powder's amino acid availability, absorption and protein utilization.

Solgar Whey to Go Protein Powder also includes two beneficial ingredients, free-form L-Glutamine and free-form L-Glutamine and free-form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's). L-Glutamine plays a significant role in supporting muscle mass. BCAA's help promote protein synthesis which assists in decreasing the breakdown of muscle under stressful conditions. Both L-GLutamine and BCAA's are used by muscle tissueas a source of energy.

In addition, Solgars Whey to Go Protein Powder is free of starch and lactose and is low in fat. Plus, its delicious flavour blends easily and tastes great in water, milk or your favorite juice. It can even be added to sauces, soups, cereals, muffins, pancakes and other bake mixes. It is an excellent way to add extra high quality protein to your daily caloric intake.

Solgar Whey To Go Protein Powder is:

Processed at low temperatures.
Lactose Free.
No artificial Sweeteners such as Aspartame or Acesulfame.
Dietary Supplement.

Whey has the highest biological value (BV) of all natural proteins! Whey is the protein choice because of its:

Efficient utilization in the body due to its high BV.
Natural source of branched chain amino acids.
Potent source of lactalbumin.
Unique source of immunoglobulins.
Complete essential amino acid profile.
Superior biological protein value.

Ingredients Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate*, Fruit Sugar (derived from beet), Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate*, L-Glutamine, Flavour (Natural Strawberry), Free Form BCAAs (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine), Thickener: Cellulose Gum, Bulking Agent: Soya Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Colour: Beetroot Red. Contains milk and soya. * Supplying ?-lactoglobulin, ?-lactalbumin, casein glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulin, bovine serum albumin, residual caseins, protease peptides, and lactoferrin.
Disclaimer Please note: The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from individual to individual.
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Anonymous wrote:
Arun wrote:
This protein powder is very good. The only downside is the quantity, which only allows for about 15 servings tops. Now there are other powders which give more powder for the money, but there are so many advantages to buying the Solgar version, such as it coming from non-steroidal cows and a chemical-free extraction process. You can taste the naturalness of it. The flavour, in my opinion, tastes excellent. It's so easy for strawberry to taste chemically but this one's as natural as you can get.

Gains-wise, I've been working out for about 9 days in 2 weeks, and that includes using resistance bands (which I use instead of dumbells at home) for curling, and all the upper body manoeuvers, different excersises for the lower back and stomach muscles (I have a lot of pain in the right side of my lower back hence the strengthening), and treadmilling intensely for about 15 minutes every day (except for when I have football matches or training sessions). I ALWAYS drink this shake immediately after working out, and I really have improved my muscle strength all around my body. For instance, two weeks ago I struggled to do 10 press-ups, now I can do 15 with ease. On an aside, I used to work out years ago and amassed a good amount of muscle back then, which has always stayed with me, but only recently have I decided to make it stronger and more efficient. I still have back pain (it's probably incurable because of the way my body is made) but I feel it strengthening all the time. Combining powder as well reduces the healing time if you become injured (from experience, I know this - weak right ankle, hurt it yesterday, fine today).

I would really recommend Solgar protein powder as a more natural and tastier alternative to others on the market, such as MaxiNutrition, phD etc. Yes they may look all amazing on the outside, and come in more conventional looking tins, but what you put inside your body - and what your body is going to use to actually build muscle - best comes from natural ingredients, and the less chemicals the better.
Emma wrote:
Great tasting protein powder I am lacto intolerant. This is easily digestible and did not give any stomach upset which I have experienced before. Like all the flavours. Would recommend it with almond milk and some ice to thicken. Great to use before and after working out.