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Need some extra support as a result of an injury or ongoing condition? We stock a range of well-made ankle supports, braces, wraps and shin supports from trusted brands, that enable you to move freely and comfortably without irritation and pain. Find the perfect supports for conditions like arthritis, repetitive strain injuries and for temporary conditions like sprains.

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All you need to know about Ankle & Shin

What can I do to reduce swelling following a sprain in the ankle?

If you have a severe sprain, you should consult your GP or A&E department. If your injury is very mild, to help control inflammation, which is the cause of swelling, rest the injury and use crutches if needed. Apply ice to the affected area, and bandage the ankle to support and compress it. Elevate the foot above the level of your heart by around 30 degrees.

How long do sprains and strains take to heal?

This will largely depend on the severity of your injury and the healing process. Generally speaking, most sprains are successfully healed within six weeks. To quicken up the healing process, control the inflammation through heat or ice, rest the sprain and then do gentle exercises to build up strength.

Does wrapping shin splints help?

Yes, because this will support your legs, especially if you are taking part in exercise. Before exercise, you should wrap your affected legs from above the ankle to just below the knee and do this every time you run or play sports. The support will help pain and discomfort. Most shin splints disappear after six weeks. If they do not and you still need to wrap your legs, consult your GP.

How long should I wear an ankle support for?

Depending on the type of injury or condition you have, your GP will recommend the amount of time you should wear your ankle support for. It is important to follow their guidance, as this will help ligaments and joints as the healing process is underway. Ankle supports are typically required for between 2 and 6 weeks.

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