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We stock a range of knee and thigh supports for several types of injury, support when playing sports and for ongoing health conditions. Shop our selection of hernia support bandages, thigh supports, knee wraps, compression garments and cold wraps so that your knees, thighs and lower body have the freedom to move and heal without pain and discomfort.

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All you need to know about Knee, Thigh & Shorts

How long should I wear my hernia belt for?

If you have recently had hernia surgery and need a hernia belt to help with healing, you should always follow instructions given to you by your GP. You could be advised by them to wear your hernia belt for weeks or even months on end if you have had a severe injury. Hernia swelling usually goes down after a fortnight, but some people find healing can take several weeks, with them wearing their hernia belt for this duration.

How do I relieve thigh pain?

You should always consult your GP or A&E department if you feel you have sustained a severe thigh injury. For more mild injuries, you can try putting ice or heat on it to reduce swelling, and take over-the-counter painkillers. Moderate your activity until swelling and pain has gone down. You can also wear a thigh support to make movement easier while you recover.

What effect does a cold pack have on the body?

A cold pack provides relief by reducing swelling around your injury. It does this by reducing blood flow into the tissues near the injury, in turn reducing pain and muscular spasms. After a sprain or sports injury, a cold pack is a good idea to quickly relieve swelling, as this will make discomfort more manageable.

Do I still need to do exercises if I wear a knee brace?

Yes – a knee brace isn't a replacement for keeping up with exercises as part of your rehabilitation process, and you should continue to stretch and do recommended exercises given to you by your doctor. If you wear a knee brace, this also doesn't mean that your knee will be completely protected from further injury, so keep this in mind when playing sports.

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