Verrugon For Verrucae 6g

Verrugon is used for the treatment of verrucae- (a verruca) also known as plantar warts.Verrugon is an ointment 6g. (plantar warts). Verrugon Ointment 6g by Pickles is an ointment containing: Salicylic acid 50 %w/w. Salicylic acid works by breaking down keratin, a protein that forms part of the skin structure. This results in the shedding of skin cells from the affected area.

In the treatment of verrucas the effect of salicylic acid is to remove the affected skin over a period of time. If successful, the new skin that grows underneath will be healthy.

Adults: fix the self-adhesive ring with the hole over the verruca and squeeze a little ointment into the whole directly onto the verruca. Follow instructions for the Verrugon Ointment and remove the backing paper from the plaster, covering completely with plaster and seal into position. Repeat the Verrugon treatment daily after gently pumicing or filing off the dead part of the verruca. To prevent transferring infection the emery board should only be used by the patient and only for the verruca. Do not use to file the nails.

This medicine is for external use only.
Do not apply to normal healthy areas of skin. If the gel comes into contact with normal skin, wash it off with plenty of water.
Avoid use on broken or inflamed skin.
This medicine is not suitable for use on the face, anal or genital areas.
Verrucas can take up to 12 weeks to disappear and it is important to persevere with the treatment.

Not to be used in
People with severe blood circulatory disorders, such as peripheral vascular disease.
Moles, birthmarks, hairy warts or on any other skin lesions.

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