From detangling to styling – having a good comb to hand can solve many hairstyle-related disasters. We stock everything from pin combs to various types of styling comb, making it easy for you to create that updo, section that piece of hair or get those knots out far more quickly and easily. A quality comb is an absolute must for your hair tool kit.

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All you need to know about Combs

Why does my comb scratch my scalp?

Some combs may not have smooth teeth, which can lead to hair pulling and scratching of the scalp. A good comb should glide over your head as if you are getting a head massage. You should feel the teeth, but they shouldn't be digging into or hurting your scalp. A good comb should feel as light as your own fingers scratching your scalp gently. If your comb hurts your scalp frequently, it's time to invest in a new one that is better in quality.

How do I choose the right comb?

The comb you choose will depend on the thickness of your hair, its texture and what you want to use the comb for. A wide tooth comb should pass easily through your hair without snagging or pulling. If you're purchasing a styling comb, this should stay in your hair until you release it, and you should be able to take it in and out of your hair very easily. A wide tooth comb works well on most hair types and is a must for combing wet hair. A tail comb is used to separate and section hair with its long thin handle.

Isn't brushing hair better than combing it?

Although it is widely believed that brushing is better for hair, combing actually places less stress on the strands of your hair. This is because a comb can only separate strands into small sections, so there is less chance of breakage. Brushes with hundreds of bristles can aggravate and break hair strands more easily.

How do I detangle my wet hair?

If you have just washed your hair, stepped out of the shower and realised that your mane is full of knots, don't panic. Invest in a detangling spray and a good wide tooth comb. Spritz the spray throughout your hair, and then using a wide tooth comb, gently brush through your hair downwards, starting at the ends first, and making your way upwards to your scalp. Spritz a little more spray onto places that are harder to work through.

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