Nappy Changing

Changing cream and baby wipes are an absolute must as part of your baby's nappy-changing routine. Stock up on what you need for your baby's changing bag and browse our selection of products from trusted brands that have been tried and tested by parents for many years.

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All you need to know about Nappy Changing

Do I need a dedicated changing station to change my baby's nappy?

A changing area that you can regularly use will limit the spread of bacteria and germs, but in reality when you are on the go, it can be impossible to stick to this. You may resort to changing your baby in restaurant toilets, in a friend's house or a public toilet. The most important thing is carrying the right equipment such as hand sanitiser, a changing pad, disinfectant wipes and everything you need for your baby like cream, baby wipes and nappies.

Why does my baby cry so much during a nappy change?

It is perfectly normal for your baby to hate nappy changes. Your baby could be hungry, cold, tired or simply frustrated that they have to lie still and can't explore.

Do I need to use baby wipes every time I change my baby?

No – not every nappy change requires you to wipe your baby with wipes. Urine very rarely irritates the skin when a baby is wearing a nappy, because many nappies nowadays are so absorbent and carry the urine away from the body.

Is it better to change a baby's nappy before or after feeding?

It depends on circumstances. Some parents have to change their baby halfway through their bottle feed, and sometimes you might need to wake your baby up, change them and then feed them. If you do change your baby after feeding, you risk waking them up, so this isn't advised.

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