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Your baby's skin is very delicate, which is why you need to use products with gentle formulas that are hypoallergenic. Shop our range of baby skincare products from trusted brands used by many parents, such as Uriage, Mustela and La Roche-Posay. Our selection of baby-friendly products can help babies and children with sensitive skin conditions, while aiding the bathing process and helping them to get a good night's sleep.

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All you need to know about Massage

Do 'no tears' formulas work on babies?

No formula that says 'no tears' is absolutely guaranteed to work, and every baby is different to how they react to being washed. It is hard to tell whether or not your baby has soap in their eyes, which is why many products for washing babies are more gentle, so they should cause minimum irritation in the case of contact with the eyes. But there is no guarantee that a product won't cause irritation, so take care to avoid your baby's eyes when washing them.

Do I need to use oil on my baby?

Your baby's skin is very delicate, and therefore needs lots of moisture to keep it supple and to prevent dry skin conditions and rashes from developing. Add it to your baby's bath water to make their skin super soft, or apply it directly to their skin or hair to moisturise them. Baby oil can also help protect your baby from cradle cap. Baby oil is a universal product that is a must for any parent.

How warm should my baby's bathwater be?

Bathing will dry out your baby's skin. Unless your baby is especially dirty, you shouldn't bathe them more than once a day. Especially when your baby is a newborn, try to sponge them rather than immerse them fully in warm water. A baby's bath water shouldn't be warmer than 38 degrees Celsius, and you should also keep the room you bathe them in nice and warm so they do not feel a chill. Put enough water in the bath so that it is up to your baby's shoulders.

My baby has a recurring nappy rash – is this common?

You should always consult your GP first to see what could be causing the nappy rash, especially if it is occurring frequently. Always powder the nappy with baby powder and use oil or lotion to moisturise your baby's skin regularly. Nappy rashes are usually caused by friction or sitting in a soiled nappy for two long. Make sure to change your baby's nappy regularly.

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