However you like to create your signature look, having the right tools and make-up brushes is key to mastering flawless glamour. Whether you have a professional make-up kit and need to replace your favourite brush, or are just starting out with make-up tools, we have the perfect collection of brushes for applying foundation, eyeshadow, powder, contour products and everything in between!

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How often should I wash my make-up brushes?

Remember that bacteria can multiply in dirty brushes, which can lead to spots and blackheads as you pass this bacteria across your face time and again. You should give your brushes a wash every two weeks if you are using creamy liquid products like foundation. If you are using powders, wash your brushes every four weeks.

How do I clean make-up brushes?

Just some mild soap, shampoo or body wash in some warm water is enough to clean your brushes. You don't need to use expensive 'brush cleaners'. Squeeze some liquid soap into your hand and swirl the brush around the palm of this hand in a circular motion to wash it. Then rinse and squeeze the bristles to get rid of any excess water. Reshape the brush bristles and then let the brush air dry for a few days.

What is the best type of brush to apply foundation with?

Using a round face brush with soft bristles is ideal for powder-based foundations. If you are using a liquid-based foundation, opt for a synthetic brush that has a tapered tip to it, especially if you want to add more definition to your look.

What is the best type of brush for contouring?

A fan brush is the best type of brush to use when contouring, as the flat sides give you more control and enable you to layer on contour powder or highlighter. The edge of the fan brush can be used to create angular shaping on your face for soft contour precision.

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