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From fine fragrance and post-shaving balms to shaving oils, moisturisers and razor burn relief, we have everything you need to complete your shaving routine here at Landys. Smell amazing and finish your shaving routine with a rich moisturiser to help hydrate your skin and keep it looking at its best.

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21 Items


All you need to know about Pre/Post Shaving Products

Do I need to use cream after shaving?

Yes – it is very important to use moisturiser after shaving, as the act of shaving strips skin of much-needed moisture. Because shaving dries the skin out, it can cause it to feel tight and prickly. If this happens, it is time to add more moisturiser. You shouldn't put aftershave on your skin until you have put moisturiser on, or your skin will have a painful burning feeling. Alcohol found in cologne can also dry out skin, which can feel uncomfortable.

What is the difference between aftershave and cologne?

A cologne is designed to add fragrance, while aftershave is for skincare and helps heal the effects of razor burn and irritation after shaving. Many aftershaves smell nice, but added fragrance is usually included. Cologne usually contains up to 4% fragrance, and is designed to provide a long-lasting scent for the whole day. Whether you use aftershave or cologne depends on your skin type and how much irritation you experience after shaving.

Can I use aftershave balm as a moisturiser?

If you choose a quality aftershave balm, this should provide you with a good level of moisture to soothe your skin after shaving. It might however not be as rich as moisturiser, so it is always good to follow an aftershave balm with an effective hydrating moisturiser so your skin has double the protection from dryness, especially if you are shaving on a regular basis.

How can I make my cologne last longer?

If you apply a body cream or moisturiser that is the same brand as your cologne, and apply the moisturiser first onto the skin, followed by the fragrance, this will make the scent last longer, without it being too overpowering.

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