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Wash the day away (or get off to the right start in the morning) with our range of cleansers and face washes. These face cleansers tackle impurities and remove dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and glowing. Shop our range of facial cleansers, including foaming cleansers and micellar cleansing waters, and face washes, with options for dry, oil and combination sky types.

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All you need to know about Cleansers & Face Washes

What is a cleanser used for?

Cleansers, or facial cleansers, are used to remove dirt, impurities (like pollution), oils and make-up from the skin. Face cleansers help to unclog pores, can help to prevent spot breakouts and alleviate acne. Landys' luxury range of cleansers includes: micellar cleansing water, face wash, cleansing oil (also known as facial oil) and foaming cleansers.

Are cleansers the same as face washes?

Cleansers and face washes are often used for the same reason: to wash off make-up, excess oil, grime and pollution. However, they achieve this cleansing action slightly differently. Cleansers dissolve oils and dirt to allow it to wash away and they tend to be more hydrating than face washes so can be used daily. A face wash has a built-in foaming action, helping it to cleanse more deeply, much like a soap – so shouldn't be used daily on the face as the skin is delicate.

What kind of cleanser should I use?

No two cleansers are the same, and it is important you decide on a cleanser that suits your unique skin type. Some people have dry skin, while others have more oil, and some have a combination of the two, or very sensitive skin. If you have dry skin, make sure to go for an oil-based cleanser or something very creamy or milky in consistency, so it isn't too harsh. If your skin is oily, a foamy cleanser that deeply cleanses pores is your best bet. Micellar water cleansers are good for many different skin types, too.

What is micellar water?

Micellar water, also known as micellar cleansing water, is a skincare product that aims to cleanse the skin by attracting dirt and oils so they can be washed away. It consists of purified water that contains suspended surfactant molecules, an active agent used in soaps. Micellar water is a dermatologist-approved kind of light cleanser.

What are cleansing oils?

Cleansing oils, sometimes called facial oils, are considered ‘good skin’ oils. They tend to contain antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin while lifting away impurities, make-up and dirt – just like other cleansers. Cleansing oils differ from other cleansers in that they are not water-soluble, like foaming cleansers or cleansing gels, but oil based.

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