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Whether you are re-stocking your make-up bag with your favourite face powder or want to try something new, you'll find all the big-name beauty brands and exclusive products right here. Whatever the occasion and however your skin behaves, find a face powder that gives you that gorgeous glow, controls shine and adds the finishing touch to your look.

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  1. Elizabeth Arden High Performance Blurring Loose Powder
    Elizabeth Arden High Performance Blurring Loose Powder
    As low as £24.80
  2. Clarins Ever Matte Compact Powder
    Clarins Ever Matte Compact Powder
    As low as £29.50
  3. Clarins Ever Matte Loose Powder
    Clarins Ever Matte Loose Powder
    As low as £29.50
  4. Lancome Long Time no Shine Loose Powder 15g
    Lancome Long Time no Shine Loose Powder 15g
    As low as £28.50

4 Items


All you need to know about Powders

How can I stop my face powder from looking patchy when I apply it over my foundation?

Sometimes, certain make-up products don't go well together. If you are using a very moisture-rich foundation, wait for it to dry for a few minutes before setting with your face powder, so that your skin absorbs the moisture. Use a make-up blender instead of a brush to apply your face powder, because this will help your skin to absorb more of the product. When applying your foundation, just use a thin layer – too much foundation and concealer beneath your face powder can also cause it to look patchy.

How can I fix powder 'hardpan'?

Hardpan occurs when your powder suddenly stops working and releasing onto your brush – this happens because the oils from your skin have transferred to the powder via your brush. You should get into the habit of washing your brushes once a week in future to prevent this from happening again. To recover your powder, get some sticky tape and repeatedly apply it to the powder to remove the excess oil sitting on top. Your powder should be as good as new!

How do I choose the right colour face powder?

As a rule of thumb, your face powder should be the same tone as your skin colour. Avoid shades that are too dark or more orange than your skin tone, or those with pink undertones. Select a powder that has a neutral shade. If you want to go darker, go for a tanned look. If you can't find one that matches your skin tone, select a clear translucent powder.

What is powder foundation?

Powder foundation works in the same way as a liquid foundation, and will give coverage, but instead comes in a dry powdery formula that looks like a loose or pressed powder. A little usually goes a long way, and swiping the powder across your face should give you good coverage without things looking too heavy. This type of foundation is perfect for oily skin.

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