Rhodiola grows in mountainous areas of Asia and Europe, in very cold climates. It is otherwise known as the herb 'Arctic Root'. It is very commonly used in Russia and Scandinavia for treating anxiety, depression and stress, thanks to its calming abilities. Rhodiola is an adaptogen, which helps your body to resist becoming stressed in challenging situations. In studies, after just three days, those who take rhodiola have found that their stress levels were greatly improved. Rhodiola can help with physical and emotional fatigue, including stress-related burnout. If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, shop our calming range of rhodiola supplements here.

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All you need to know about Rhodiola

Can rhodiola help fight fatigue?

Yes – rhodiola can help combat the stresses, anxiety and worry that can take a toll on our bodies, which cause us to become fatigued. In a four week study containing 60 people, those who took one rhodiola supplement per day found that their stress and fatigue levels were lowered, and that their focus and concentration levels were increased.

Can rhodiola help with type 2 diabetes?

Research has suggested that taking rhodiola supplements can aid those with type 2 diabetes by increasing glucose transporters in the blood. By transporting glucose more effectively into cells, blood sugar levels are normalised and lowered. If you are thinking of taking rhodiola supplements for diabetes, consult your GP first.

How much rhodiola should I be taking?

Rhodiola is best taken on a completely empty stomach. It shouldn't be taken after food or shortly before going to bed, as it can stimulate the stomach and the brain, which could make getting to sleep more challenging. To improve symptoms of stress, fatigue or anxiety, a dose of 400-600mg of rhodiola is recommended per day. If you are taking rhodiola to boost exercise performance, you should take between 200-300mg a couple of hours beforehand. Always speak to your GP before taking any supplements.

Does rhodiola increase serotonin?

As rhodiola is an adaptogen, it helps to lower the body's natural response to stress, making you less prone to experiencing emotional and physical symptoms of stress. Studies have shown that rhodiola boosts norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine production.

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