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For a clean, smooth shave that won't upset or irritate your skin whilst providing moisture, choose from our selection of creams, gels and foams. Shaving with a gel is much more effective than shaving with soap or just water, and allows the razor to catch more hairs while reducing the risk of cuts. Get a smooth and sleek result with our shaving range.

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All you need to know about Shaving Gels/Creams/Foams

How do I prevent ingrown hairs, especially around the neck?

If you have hair that is coarse and tightly curled, you need to properly moisturise your skin before you shave. Use a facial scrub and moisturise the night before, as this will help release any hairs that have become trapped below the skin, and which could become ingrown. The more prep you do beforehand, the smoother your shave will be. When shaving, let steam from the shower soften your beard hair first. Use a shaving brush to lather up, as this will help to lift the beard hairs, and you have a better chance of cutting them from their root.

How can I remove ingrown hairs?

Exfoliate well and use a facial scrub every day, especially the night before your shave. If you encounter an ingrown hair, do not dig at it, as this may cause scarring and will damage your skin. Keep exfoliating the beard area until the hair starts to pop up above the skin's surface. If you absolutely do have to remove the hair, use tweezers that have been cleaned with alcohol so they are disinfected, and gently remove the hair.

What is a good post-shave routine?

Always use a non-alcohol moisturiser to replenish any moisture that has been lost during your shave, as shaving can cause skin to lose hydration. If possible, use a moisturiser with an SPF to help protect your skin.

What is the difference between a shave foam, shave gel and shave cream?

Shave gels, creams and foams will have different amounts of surfactants (soap), and moisturisers within their formulations. Generally speaking, foams and gels have higher levels of soap, and less moisturiser. People with more sensitive skins may benefit from a shaving cream, as this will have greater amounts of moisturiser within its formulation. Shaving oil is a great product for all people to use, as it can lock in moisture while softening coarse hair.

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