Dry Skin Cleansers & Best Face Washes For Dry Skin

Find the perfect face washes and cleansers for dry and normal skin here! We stock the best face cleansers that will clear out impurities without leaving your dry skin parched, and normal skin face washes that will nourish your skin and rinse off daily dirt and grime.

The best cleansers for dry and normal skin are ones made with the advice of skincare experts and using advanced formulas, and that's exactly why we've included these products in our range. The same goes for face washes, which you can use daily to refresh your skin, helping you get that radiant glow.

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Items 1-32 of 64


Normal & Dry Skin Cleanser Advice

Which is the best face wash for dry skin?

The best face washes for dry skin are those that have been created specifically to give a boost of hydration to chapped and flaky skin. Some of the most popular dry skin face washes include:

  1. Clarins Total Cleansing Oil
  2. Lancome Mousse Eclat 200ml
  3. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
  4. Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Whip to Clay
  5. Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing Milk

Do cleansers help dry skin?

Yes, a gentle cleanser will help dry skin. Dry skin cleansers are formulated to be lighter on delicate and dry skin, but still help clear away dirt and impurities. Foaming cleansers are recommended for dry skin as they don't scrub the skin like exfoliators, which can damage cracked, flaky skin. 

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