An absolute go-to for any make-up bag, a lipstick is more than just creating the perfect pout – it gives you confidence and enables you to express who you truly are. From nude lipsticks for a neutral everyday classic look, to bold and eye-catching shades of pink and red – our range of creamy and moisturising formulas from big brands will moisturise your lips while giving you that perfectly polished look.

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All you need to know about Lipstick

What's the best way to apply lipstick?

The way you should apply lipstick depends on what you want your overall look to be. If you are using a sheer lipstick, start on your cupids bow and work outwards from here on the upper lip, before moving to the bottom lip. You can also use your fingers to apply lipstick for a more muted look, or apply it straight from the stick for something more intense. Bear in mind that full colour is more challenging to apply without going over your lip lines, so apply the lipstick with a brush to get a more precise finish.

What is lipstick made of?

The base of any lipstick is typically made of oils and waxes, such as beeswax, lanolin and cocoa butter. These are known as emollients. Dyes and intensive pigments are added to give the lipstick its colour. Reflective particles and fragrances can also be included, depending on the type of product you choose.

How do I create a two-toned lipstick look?

Two-toned lips are a new trend that make for a great look if you want something more fun and experimental. You'll need two complementing colours, such as a bright pink and vivid red. Put one on your top and bottom lip, then swipe the other across the very lower part of your bottom lip. It makes for a very creative statement.

How do I make my lipstick last longer?

Firstly, ensure that your lips are well exfoliated with a lip scrub, a toothbrush or some sugar granules. Use a lip primer or face primer and add it all over your lips, as this will create a smooth base and give the product something to 'cling' to. Apply your lip liner, then lipstick, blotting with tissue paper as you go. Dust with a layer of translucent powder to fix everything in place.

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