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Look fresh and polished all day long with our range of men's expert skincare, designed to tackle problem areas like dull skin, dehydrated skin and fatigue. We also have a range of shaving foams to ensure a clean, comfortable shave with every stroke while helping to eliminate ingrown hairs. Shop our collection of men's expert skincare.

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All you need to know about Men's Expert Skincare

How do I stop blackheads from appearing?

Washing your face with an effective cleanser is the best way to remove blackheads. This is because a decent exfoliating wash will remove dead skin cells and dirt, which can clog pores and lead to spots and blackheads. If you go to the gym often, take a shower as soon as you have finished your workout, because perspiration can also cause blackheads. As a rule of thumb, never pick at blackheads because you could push the sebum even further into the skin and irritate it.

How do I stop my skin from looking so oily?

Oily skin is caused by an excess production of sebum. You can use blotting papers or an oil control pore mattifying product to temporarily fix this. Also use a good cleanser that will give your pores a deep clean every day. Don't skip on moisturiser or aftershave balm after shaving, as this will only make the oil production worse if your skin becomes dehydrated.

What does an after shave balm do?

After shave balm acts as a hydrating product to replenish lost moisture from your skin after shaving. It can help reduce swelling and itching post-shave, and prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and breakouts. You should however also apply moisturiser after using an after shave balm.

What is the difference between after shave balm and moisturiser?

An after shave balm is very creamy in consistency, but is much lighter when applied on the skin. It is designed to instantly hydrate the skin after shaving and replenish any lost moisture, but doesn't have a lasting effect like a lotion. Many shaving balms contain alcohol, which can be more drying than a moisturiser. This is why you should apply a moisturiser as well as an after shave balm, to top up hydration levels.

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