Face Toner: Sprays & Mists

Toners are an important part of a healthy skincare routine. A good toner gives your skin a deep clean, eliminating shine, reducing the size of pores and keeping bacteria at bay that may cause blackheads. The best face toners also help to improve skin hydration levels and balance PH levels. 

We have the best facial toners available. Our range of face toners features top brands, such as Ren, Vichy and Elizabeth Arden.

You can find toners for normal and dry skin, toners formulated for combination and oily skin, as well as toners for sentitive skin and toners for redness and spot prone skin.

We stock spray toners and mist toners for light application, and alcohol-free toners for those with sensitive skin.

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Facial Toners FAQs

Does toner work?

Toners can help tighten the gap between skin cells, closing pores and so minimising the impurities, like pollution and dirt, that can get into your skin. If you use toner at the end of the day, it can be surprising to discover how much dirt is found on the cotton pad. Toner also balances the skin's natural PH levels, and can help your moisturiser and serum to be absorbed more effectively into the skin.

How do you use toner?

Toner is usually applied using a cotton pad after you have cleansed and exfoliated. If you don't want to use a liquid toner, you can use a spray toner or mist toner. Toners should be applied before you apply any moisturisers or serums. 

The best way to apply toners is to soak a cotton pad in it and then sweep it across your face. Another method is to directly apply it to the palms of your hands and then gently pat it all over your face. If your skin is more oily and prone to blemishes, you may want to opt for a cotton pad so that it picks up dirt and grime. If your skin is dry, pressing toner into the skin with your fingers can help with hydration.

Is rosewater a toner?

Rosewater is a natural toner. Made from the Rosa Damascena flower, it has been found to be an effective alternative to chemical toners. Rosewater is gentle on the skin, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which help your skin to repair while being protected.

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