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Glutamine is an important amino acid that is essential for healthy bodily function. It is known as a protein 'building block' and is critical for healthy immune system function, as well as the overall health of the intestine. Your body produces glutamine naturally, and you should get all the glutamine you need from a balanced diet. Some people may need more glutamine in their diets for health reasons. Shop our range of glutamine supplements here.

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All you need to know about Glutamine

What is glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that is a protein building block within the body. These proteins are crucial for overall body health, as they are responsible for fighting off viruses, ensuring healthy organ and immune system function, and carrying substances around the body via cells. Glutamine is produced naturally by the body, and is most abundant in the blood, as well as other fluids. On occasion, your body needs more glutamine than you can actually produce, such as when you are suffering from an illness or injury. Under these circumstances, a glutamine supplement can be a good idea, but speak to your GP first.

Which foods contain glutamine?

Glutamine can be found in various foods, including beef, milk, eggs, tofu, corn, rice, chicken and leafy greens. There are naturally higher levels of glutamine in animal-based products because of their high protein content. The more protein you eat, the more glutamine you will receive in your diet.

Is glutamine good for intestinal health?

Yes – glutamine has many benefits for intestinal health, as it is a source of immunity and intestine cells. It helps to establish a barrier between the insides of your intestines, and the other parts of your body, preventing harmful toxins and bacteria from reaching the rest of your body (a condition known as 'leaky gut'). It also helps intestinal cells to grow and develop. Glutamine is great for ensuring overall gut health and immunity.

What are the side effects of glutamine?

Common side effects of glutamine, or taking too much glutamine, include gastrointestinal issues, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, muscular pain, joint pain, headaches, dizziness, skin rashes and itching, runny nose, dry mouth and sweats. It is important to confirm the right dose with your GP before taking glutamine.

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