Aloe Vera Skincare

Aloe Vera is derived from the Aloe plant. The inside of an aloe leaf contains the rich and hydrating aloe gel used in skincare known for its skin healing properties. It is a great skincare ingredient for dry, sensitive skin types. Aloe Vera in skin care helps to cool, soothe and hydrate the skin when it is irritated from cases such as sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory acne and dry skin. It also has natural antibacterial properties to keep the skin clean. Explore our range of Aloe Vera gels, creams, lotions and soaps to add to your routine.

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4 Items


All you need to know about Aloe Vera

How does Aloe Vera heal the skin?

Aloe Vera has the ability to heal your skin from minor burns, cuts and other inflammations or irritations because it contains active compounds (anthraquinones). Anthraquinones contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help the skin in its healing process. Whilst helping to heal, it also helps to cool and soothe any uncomfortable sensations on the skin.

Is Aloe Vera a good moisturiser?

Yes, Aloe Vera can be used as a moisturiser. It contains humectants which bind moisture to the skin. Therefore, using Aloe Vera as a moisturiser can help with dry skin. 

Can you use Aloe Vera on oily skin?

Yes, Aloe Vera  is non-comedogenic and fast absorbing which can make it a good moisturiser for oily skin types as it does not clog pores.

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