Lip Oils

Lip oils are a popular beauty product that offers hydration and nourishment to the lips while imparting a glossy, high-shine finish. They are formulated with a blend of natural oils and emollients, and come in a variety of colours to suit different preferences. Lip oils are a great alternative to traditional lip balms or glosses, as they provide long-lasting moisture and protection without feeling heavy or sticky on the lips.

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  1. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense 7ml
    Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense 7ml
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  2. Clarins Lip Oil Balm
    Clarins Lip Oil Balm
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All you need to know about Lip Oils

What is the difference between a lip oil and lip balm?

A lip oil typically has a lighter, more liquid texture than a lip balm and is often formulated with nourishing oils to provide a subtle shine while hydrating the lips. On the other hand, a lip balm typically has a thicker, more waxy texture and is formulated to provide a protective barrier for the lips while also delivering hydration.

What is the difference between lip oils and lip gloss?

Lip oil is a moistursing, lightweight lip product that is typically formulated with natural oils and provides a subtle shine, while lip gloss is a thicker cosmetic product that is designed to add high shine and colour to the lips.

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