Protein Powder

Your body uses protein to rebuild and repair tissues. Protein is incredibly popular for those trying to build muscles but it is also important for building healthy bones.

You can find protein naturally in lean meats (e.g. Chicken or Pork) as well as fish. There are many good vegetarian sources of protein too which includes Tofu, Soy, beans, lentils, milks and cheese. Egg whites are also an excellent source of protein.

The majority of protein supplements come in powder form and are typically made into shakes. Protein shakes made with water are good because they deliver protein to the body more quickly which is useful if you are about to train or have just been to the gym. Protein shakes mixed with milk tend to release protein more slowly and it is better to take a milk-mixed protein shake at night. This is because your body can waste a lot of protein when you're asleep so having a slow release of it is more efficient.

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All you need to know about Protein

Are protein shakes bad for you?

Not if taken in moderation. The Department of Health in the UK advises that men should take no more than 55.5g a day and women should take no more than 40g.

Long term, taking too much protein can heighten the risk of osteoporosis and can also negatively impact the functioning of the kidneys.

It is also worth remembering that there are many products which are illegally being sold online to UK customers. Products that promise “fat burning” or “slimming” or often being marketed illegally and should be avoided. These products can contain ingredients which are not considered safe in the UK and should be avoided.

Can Protein help with weight loss?

Yes. Increasing the amount of protein in your diet helps weight loss for two reasons; protein reduces your appetite and also increases your metabolism (the rate at which your body converts resources into energy).

Will Protein help me gain muscle?

Yes – protein plays a huge role in the repairing and rebuilding of your muscles. This is why lots of people drink a protein shake either before or after a workout. If your body doesn’t have access to enough protein then it would slow down the rate at which you recover when you exercise as the muscles would not have enough protein in order to complete the repair and rebuild process.

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