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Our range of baby hair care products has everything you need to keep your little one's hair clean and scalp clear. Find baby shampoos that have been specially formulated to work with your baby's delicate skin, from your favourite brands. 

Cradle Cap Creams For Newborns

Shop cradle cap creams for babies to help you clear the greasy and flakey skin on your baby's scalp. Cradle cap is a common and harmless condition. Cradle cap creams can soften flakes to make them easier to wash off, while helping to prevent further issues. 

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7 Items


Baby Hair Care FAQs

When Can I Start Putting Hair Products In My Baby's Hair?

This really depends on your baby and the hair care products you want to use. Ideally, you should use minimal products in the first year and not introduce baby shampoo until at least 3 months. Any hair care product should have minimal ingredients and be formulated specifically for use on babies. Remember that babies have very sensitive skin as newborns and into their first years.

How Do I Keep My Newborn's Hair Healthy?

It is important not to overwash your baby's hair or scalp. When you are washing your baby, avoid any scrubbing as newborns have very sensitive skin. Additionally, your baby won't be getting that dirty so rinsing only occasionally with warm water is often enough to clear away any dry skin or gunk. 

To keep your baby's scalp and hair healthy, massage baby shampoo gently around the scalp. Always pat dry and avoid brushing whenever possible. 

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