Get that fresh breath confidence, fight plaque, remove bacteria and a brighter smile with our range of mouthwashes. Rinse twice daily for best results, by swirling the mouthwash around your mouth and gums for 30 seconds to leave your mouth feeling invigorated, clean and fresh all day long. Our range of mouthwashes include natural ingredients such as echinacea, mint and black walnut green hulls, green tea, olive leaf and oregano for an instantly fresher feeling.

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All you need to know about Mouthwashes

What are the benefits of mouthwash?

Mouthwashes can help to minimise the likelihood of conditions such as gingivitis, and can generally reduce the amount of tartar that develops on teeth. They can also freshen breath and help to prevent tooth decay. Mouthwashes are antibacterial, and kill bacteria in the mouth that can damage enamel and cause bad breath. Combined with flossing and brushing, mouthwash can improve your overall oral hygiene.

Do I use mouthwash before or after brushing?

This is up to your personal preference. It is advised that you use mouthwash alongside flossing and brushing. Mouthwash shouldn't be used as a replacement for either of these. It is best to swirl the mouthwash for at least 30 seconds for it to work effectively.

Can my child use mouthwash?

It is often risky to let younger children use mouthwash, as they may not spit it out, and may swallow it instead. Children under six should not use mouthwash. It is good to practice with your child first, so they can get the hang of things. Get them to practice keeping the liquid in their mouth and spitting it out (using water), first.

Do I need to use mouthwash?

Everyone can benefit from using mouth to complement their oral hygiene routine. It can help reduce tartar build-up and plaque, as well as freshen your breath. There are lots of different flavours on the market and ones for whitening, anti-alcohol and bad breath, so there are plenty to choose from.

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