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Gentle & Protective Baby Barrier Creams

Our collection of nappy change creams includes protective baby barrier creams and soothing nappy rash creams. All of our nappy creams are formulated to be gentle on delicate skin, helping you look after your baby.

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Nappy Creams FAQs

Get the answers to your most frequently asked questions about nappy creams. 

Can You Put Nappy Cream On A Newborn?

It is not recommended to use nappy cream, cleansers, skin lotions, etc, even if made for babies, until your little one is at least one month old. If you have concerns or need a cream to deal with a skin issue, speak to your baby's doctor to get a prescription cream or recommendation.

What Is Barrier Cream For Babies?

Baby barrier creams are specifically formulated protective nappy creams. Applying a barrier cream for babies during a nappy change will support their skin and keep them comfortable. Baby barrier creams also help protect against irritation, limit bacterial growth and can help prevent nappy rash.

Should I Use Nappy Cream At Every Change?

You can use a baby barrier cream with each nappy change, though it isn't always a necessity. Use a nappy cream whenever your baby has been in a wet diaper for an extended period of time or if they have been dealing with skin irritation. Nappy rash creams should be applied whenever you see signs of nappy rash flare-ups and while they are clearing up. 

What Nappy Rash Cream Is Best?

Based on customer reviews, the best nappy rash creams to use are:

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