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Having bones and joints that are painful and fragile can be very frustrating. Shop our vast range of supplements for optimum bone health to keep your body strong and healthy, and to get moving how you want to! From vitamin D and calcium, to glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, we have everything you need to get moving freely and with more comfort.

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  1. Lifeplan Ostron Bone Formula
    Lifeplan Ostron Bone Formula Tabs 60
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  2.  Higher Nature Super OsteoFood Tablets
    Higher Nature Super OsteoFood Vegetarian Tablets 90
    Special Price £9.20 Regular Price £11.50
  3. Lamberts Osteoguard Tablets 30
    Lamberts Osteoguard Tablets 30
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  4. Lamberts Osteoguard Tablets 90
    Lamberts Osteoguard Tablets 90
    Special Price £10.49 Regular Price £12.95
  5. Lamberts MultiGuard OsteoAdvance 50+ Tabs 120
    Lamberts MultiGuard OsteoAdvance 50+ Tabs 120
    Special Price £17.99 Regular Price £22.95
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All you need to know about Bone Health

How many bones are there in the human body?

We have 206 bones in our body in total. The longest bone is the thigh-bone, known as the femur. The smallest is the ear bone known as the stirrup. When we are born, we have 300 bones that gradually join together as we grow to form our final skeleton. Our bones are made up of a substance called collagen.

How do I keep my bones healthy?

Bone health is important, and you can keep your bones in tip-top shape by taking regular exercise, eating foods that are rich in calcium (such as leafy greens, dairy and soya), and getting lots of vitamin D in your diet, which helps calcium absorption. If you don't get a lot of vitamin D through your diet, speak to your GP about taking a supplement. You should also get vitamin K, which is found in green vegetables and helps maintain bone function and health.

What are the best supplements for bone health?

The most important supplements for bones are calcium and vitamin D, as these help to repair damage and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. They also contain nutrients that are essential to the development of bones. Your GP may recommend taking one of these, or both, depending on what you are getting through your diet. After the age of 50, you should aim to get 1,200mg of calcium every day for optimum bone health.

What supplements help to heal broken bones?

Vitamins, K, D, C and B are all vital in helping to heal broken bones, as they encourage cellular production and reactions that occur in the bones to help them repair. Whether you have a fracture or a large break, herbal supplements can help to speed up the natural healing process.

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