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Soothe and hydrate your skin, while protecting against free radicals, dirt and grim with our range of high-quality body care products!

Our collection includes body moisturisers, butters, oils, body creams, lotions and exfoliators. We also stock body care products specifically formulated for dry, eczema and atopic prone skin too. If you are looking to treat yourself, and your skin, our range features luxury body creams that are rich and luscious.

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Body Moisturiser & Body Creams FAQs

What Are Body Moisturisers & What Are They Used For?

Body moisturisers are hydrating liquids that allow you to replenish your skin's natural barrier and keep it feeling soft and supple. Body moisturisers are sometimes called body serums, body balms or moisturising lotions. 

Environmental factors like sun, wind and cold weather, as well as heating in your home, air conditioning,showering and bathing all take their toll on your skin. Body moisturisers help to keep skin hydrated and to protect it from dry skin conditions such as eczema, flaking and peeling.

The best time to use a body moisturiser is just after a bath or shower, following exfoliation, in order to lock in moisture. You should not use body moisturiser on your face as body moisturisers are formulated to work on the thicker skin on your body, so can be too much for the delicate skin on your face. 

What Are Body Creams & What Are They Used For?

Body creams are thick and ultra-hydrating skincare products that are used to deal with, and prevent, dry or cracked skin. Body creams are particularly beneficial for people with dry skin who need a whole body cream – though you should not use a body cream on your face as the skin is too delicate. 

You may also choose to switch from a body lotion to a body cream if you move to a colder climate or during the winter months. Body lotions are made with water, so are lighter and more liquidy than body creams, which are made with oils. 

Body creams can be applied any time of the day, and more than once a day if necessary. Most often, body creams are used after bathing in the evening so the cream can be absorbed before bed, since the oils in body creams make them heavier and take longer to be absorbed into the skin.

What Are Luxury Body Creams?

Luxury body creams offer the hydrating benefits of everyday body creams, plus they have delicate, familiar scents that allow them to be paired with your choice of luxury fragrance. Luxury body creams are available from notable brands such as Prada, Thierry Mugler and Hermès.

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