Foundation is the main must-have tool in any make-up bag. Brighten and perfect your skin with our range of foundation products from popular brands like Elizabeth Arden, Vichy and Lancome. Whether you prefer lighter everyday coverage that is buildable, or full coverage that blurs out those imperfections, you'll find a formula that works in harmony with your skin, giving you a beautiful finish.

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All you need to know about Foundation

How can I stop my foundation from becoming cakey?

To prevent your foundation from becoming too cakey or patchy, you should always do your prep properly, and use a primer first as a base. If you use a brush or beauty blender, don't over-use product and make sure that you blend as much as possible for a seamless finish. After application, use the warmth of your fingers to press the foundation into your skin, as this will make your overall look more flawless.

How do you apply liquid foundation?

Good application is all about having the right tools. A foundation brush or blending sponge is essential if you want a flawless finish. It will also make your foundation last longer throughout the day. Brush down the face rather than up, in line with the way facial hair grows. If you're new to foundation, start with a matte finish that is hydrating, as this will be easier to blend.

What undertone do I have?

The undertone of your skin is very important when you are choosing your foundation. It is determined by the amounts of yellow and red you have in your skin. Those with cool skin tones often have more red, which comes through as pink/rose colours, while warmer tones have more yellow, which comes through as olive/golden tones. Look at the way you naturally tan before you choose your foundation tone, and test it on your face, not just on the back of your hand, to ensure a perfect match.

Why does my foundation go patchy after a while?

If your foundation is appearing to look patchy after a few hours, it is because your skin is dehydrated and needs more moisture. Apply moisturiser and primer before applying your foundation, as this will stop your skin from drying out during the day, and will make the foundation stay in place for longer. Primer prevents the skin from absorbing the make-up, which is what causes patchiness.

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