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Shop luxurious moisturising body balms and body butters today! Our range includes the best body butters from the top skincare brands who use only the finest-quality ingredients. Our body butters collection also includes magnesium body butters for when you need relief from sore or tense muscles, plus revitalising hydration for your skin.

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All you need to know about Body Butters

What is a body balm?

A body balm is a skincare product that uses oil or beeswax instead of water to create an easy to apply balm. Body balms are often used to target dry and cracked skin issues in areas such as hands, joints, heels and knees. Body balms shouldn't be used on your face. For dry skin on your face, choose a moisturiser for dry or dehydrated skin.

What is the difference between body balm and body butter?

The main difference between a body butter and a body balm is that balms tend to use more beeswax (and butters use more oils). They use similar ingredients, like added vitamins, minerals and ingredients with skincare benefits or scents, in varying quantities, but the amount of beeswax is the key difference. Because of this, body balms tend to leave the skin particularly smooth with the additional benefits of the wax – such as the cleansing of dead skin cells. 

Is magnesium body butter good for you?

Magnesium body butter is used to improve skin health while also relaxing muscles. The ingredients of the body butter applies nutrients and locks in hydration into the skin. The addition of magnesium, which can penetrate more deeply, can help to relieve muscle cramps and relax the body, which in turn can help you unwind after a stressful day or soothe the aches from exercise.

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