Brows are very important if you want a striking make-up look that beautifully frames your eyes and face. Are your eyebrows in need of some taming? Or are you after products that define, add shape, or add volume? Shop our range of eyebrow pencils, gels, pencils, pens and palettes from well-known brands such as Clarins and Lancome.

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  1. Clarins Eyebrow Pencil
    Clarins Eyebrow Pencil
    As low as £21.00
  2. Lancome Brow Define Pencil
    Lancome Brow Define Pencil
    As low as £22.00
  3. Lancome Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil 1.19g
    Lancome Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil 1.19g
    As low as £21.50
  4. Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow Gel
    Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow Gel
    As low as £13.60
  5. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Brow Perfector
    Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Brow Perfector
    As low as £18.50

8 Items


All you need to know about Eyebrows

What shape of brow best flatters the face?

It is important to know that the eyebrows you were born with already frame your face perfectly. But over the years, you may have plucked or shaped them into a style that is a little different to what they used to be. A slightly fuller shape and more natural look is definitely on trend at the moment, but slimmer brows may well make a comeback in the future. It is always best to work with what you have, rather than try to create super-full brows that don't really suit you.

I've over-plucked my eyebrows – how can make them fuller again?

Eyeshadow or eyebrow powder and a brow pencil are your best friends here. When applying a brow pencil, try and use upward strokes that are in the same direction as the brow hair growth, as if you are pencilling in the hairs that are missing. Don't draw your brow in a straight line. Work with the shape you currently have and make it a little thicker, but not too thick so it looks fake. You can also use a brow powder to fill in any gappy areas. Use an angled brush and sweep it at a horizontal angle, working across and outwards.

What is better – powder, gel or pencil brow products?

The products you use will depend on what you need to fill and shape your brows. If you only have a few gaps and just need a little definition, a brow pencil is great for shaping, or for drawing on an entire brow if that is your go-to look. If you have very thin brows, a powder will be better to fill things out, without your brows looking too artificial.

Should I tweeze above the brow line?

Tweezing should really be left to the professionals, who know where to pluck. If you do need to pluck, always pluck underneath the brow, not the area above or in your actual brows, where the hair is at its thickest. This will prevent you from having holes in your brows, or from over-tweezing, which is a common problem.

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