Shaving Brushes

Lather up and get a smooth finish with our range of shaving brushes, made from a selection of badger hair, boar hair and synthetic fibres. For a good quality wet shave, a shaving brush is always recommended to create a rich and creamy lather that will prevent scrapes and cuts, leaving you with beautifully smooth and hydrated skin.

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All you need to know about Shaving Brushes

What makes a good shaving brush?

Shaving brushes are great for getting a rich, creamy lather on your face when you wet shave. Shaving brushes are traditionally made from badger hair, but there are other vegan and more animal-friendly synthetic brushes available on the market. Badger and boar hair brushes can be stiff and firm, or soft and light, depending on the texture you prefer. The best types of brush are usually those that are densely packed with bristles to hold more water and foam product in the brush.

Do shaving brushes make a difference?

Shaving brushes make a difference and allow your shaving foam to go a lot further. Less product is required (saving you money), and a shaving brush enables smaller foam bubbles to be created, creating a richer and denser foam on the face, which in turn minimises cuts and skin irritation.

How long do shaving brushes last for?

If you buy an exceptional quality badger or boar hair brush, this should last a lifetime and be handed down through the generations, especially if you clean it properly and look after it. The life of any shaving brush though really does depend on how it is used and cared for. The typical lifespan of a shaving brush is around 10 years, if it is well made. Cheaper products can last anywhere up to five years.

What are the different parts of a shaving brush?

Shaving brushes can be divided into three sections. The first is the knot, which is the amount of individual bristles in the brush (these can be loose or tightly packed in). The second is the loft, which is how long the hairs are, and the third is the height, which is the length of the overall brush.

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