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The skin on your lips is very delicate. Cold weather, dry air and dry skin conditions can make your lips dehydrated, cracked and sore. Keep them moisturised, repaired and super soft with our range of luxury lip balms from well-known brands including Clarins, Avene and Vichy.

Find every lip care product you could want right here! Our lip care range includes lip balms for everyday use, lip creams and serums to give your lips a boost, and lip salves and treatments for when your lips are in need of some TLC.

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All you need to know about Lip Care

Lip care is really important. The skin on your lips is fragile, and more prone to damage than the rest of your body, since it is very thin and can therefore be more easily exposed to irritation. A lip balm, cream or lip moisturiser can help you maintain healthy skin on your lips, protecting them from UV light, cold weather and dry air. 

Using a lip treatment when your lips dry out and crack will help with recovery, but ideally you'll be using a lip cream or balm regularly to avoid this. Remember that sore, cracked lips will feel uncomfortable and can also make applying make-up more difficult.

How often should you apply lip balm?

You should apply lip balm regularly throughout the day, in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you get into bed. If you want to build lip balm application into your routine, apply it after each meal (or snack). On cold and wintery days, try to apply a protective layer of lip balm before you head out and a revitalising swipe once you get back inside.

If you have dry or damaged lips, apply a lip balm several times a day. If they are cracked, try some petroleum jelly on top of your lip balm to help seal it in. Apply both products before going to bed, as this will enable them to sink in overnight, and should help to combat dry, sore lips.

What is the best lip treatment?

The best, most popular, lip treatments are lip masks. Lip masks apply a concentrated dose of vital nutrients while locking in hydration to soothe and protect your lips. Lip treatments aren't just for use as remedies, such as when you have chapped or sore lips, rather they are a preventative way of keeping your lips looking healthy and plump. 

What is the purpose of lip cream?

Lip creams are like any other kind of skincare cream in that they provide super-hydration. Lip creams are really a kind of lip balm that helps to seal in moisture while providing key skincare ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Lip creams can be particularly useful for those with dry or dehydrated skin and for use in winter after coming in from the cold. Lip serums are similar to lip creams, offering lip soothing and revitalising nutrients for when your lips need some added TLC.

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