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Proper eye care will help you combat the signs of aging and leave your eyes feeling refreshed and looking bright. Our range includes eye serums, gels and balms from the top skincare brands. Formulated to be effective and safe to use on the delicate skin around your eyes, we have eye gels to combat puffy eyes, eye repair serums to help with dark circles and eye balms that reduce the visibility of eye wrinkles.

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20 Items


Eye Serum, Balm & Gel FAQs

Eye balms, serums and gels all work to improve the health of skin around your eyes, but in slightly different ways. Often, you can use them in combination to get the maximum results. 

Do eye gels really work?

Eye gels work to address issues around the eye area, but not the eyes specifically. These formulas have been specially created to work with the delicate skin around your eyes, in the same way that face moisturisers are created with your skin type in mind, and body creams are more hydrating to penetrate deep into harder skin. Eye gels have been found to help with a range of issues, from dark circles to deep wrinkles and puffiness.

What does an eye serum do?

Eye serums are a concentrated way of applying vital nutrients to help support the healing and health of the areas around your eyes. Eye serums also apply hydration, which helps your skin look plump and youthful, while reducing the signs of aging and the appearance of dark circles.

What is an eye balm used for?

Eye balms focus on hydrating the area around your eyes, using skincare ingredients that enable retention of moisture. Eye balms are similar to eye creams in their goals, but tend to be lighter. Eye balms are often used to deal with fine lines, wrinkles and a general loss of elasticity in the skin (which is common with aging).

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