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Vitamin E is one of the most valuable vitamins for your skin, eye and immune health. If you are looking to fortify your immune system, have glossy bright eyes and soft supple skin then you should consider a daily vitamin E supplement as part of your healthy diet.

Many people choose to use vitamin E supplements to give their body the right boost of this fundamental nutrient.

You can buy vitamin E in a form that works for you, be it as vitamin E capsules, for an easy daily dose, or vitamin E liquid, perfect for adding to water or smoothies. Vitamin E supplments are available in a variety of stengths, from 200-1000UI.

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All you need to know about Vitamin E

What are Tocopherols?

These are an organic source of Vitamin E. There are eight types of tocopherols but traditionally it is Alpha-Tocopherols that are most commonly used in Vitamin E supplements because they tend to contain the highest levels of Vitamin E.

Will Vitamin E improve my skin and hair?

Vitamin E could help the anti-ageing process. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and so it would neutralise free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause damage to the skin which could speed up the ageing process. By the same token, Vitamin E helps improve the health of the scalp which in turn can allow healthy hair to grow.

Can I overdose on Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is fat soluble. This means that your body can store it and use it whenever and wherever in the body it is needed. This also means that it is possible to take too much Vitamin E.

Typically, it is recommended to not take more than Vitamin E per day.

If you were to overdose on Vitamin E you may experience nausea or muscle weakness.

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