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All you need to know about Nails

Why does my nail polish thicken in the bottle over time?

Your nail polish thickens because of various factors involving storage, including whether or not it is kept in sunlight or in extreme temperatures. You shouldn't let your nail polish get too hot or cold, as this can affect its consistency. Many bottles come with a UV covering to stop UV light from getting in, but you should still keep it in a cool, dark place. You should also make sure that you wipe the bottle properly around the neck so that it can be properly closed, preventing air from getting in.

How do you polish your nails without getting polish on the sides or onto your cuticles?

A great way to polish your nails in a tidy fashion is to apply micropore tape to the skin surrounding the nail and the cuticle. Peel it off again when your nail polish is dry (a bit like using masking tape when painting).

Why should I use cuticle oil?

Cuticles and nails get very dehydrated, which can cause peeling and brittleness. Applying cuticle oil is a great way to give nails some much-needed moisture, keeping them strong and healthy. That said, cuticle oil shouldn't be used as a quick fix for dry nails. Regular moisturisation is key, as this will give your nails the vitamins and hydration they need.

What is a pedicure?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment that breathes life back into the toenails and feet. Excess skin is scrubbed off of the feet, and a thorough moisturisation and massage process is given to them, which can be very relaxing. Toenails are trimmed, moisturised and nail polish applied to make your feet look brand new! Pedicures often involve application of intensive repair oils to the nails.

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