Face moisturisers are vital to keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. Moisturisers also help you to avoid skin problems. Find the perfect product for your facial moisturising routine.

Our range of facial moisturisers can be used by both men and women and includes options to suit all skin types. Available in cream, gel, oil or classic moisturiser form, we have the best moisturisers to keep your skin soft, supple and glowing.

With our collection of face moisturisers from well-known luxury brands such as Clarins, Bioderma and Vichy, your skin is guaranteed the care it needs, enabling you to stay hydrated while also tackling fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

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Items 1-32 of 479


All you need to know about Moisturisers

Unlike body moisturisers, facial moisturisers are light enough to nourish and moisturise the delicate skin on your face without blocking pores or leaving it looking greasy.

What is moisturiser used for?

Moisturisers are used to protect and hydrate your skin. Facial moisturisers are used on the face, and body moisturisers on the rest of your body. The combination of ingredients supports your skin so it can stay looking and feeling its best. Moisturisers are also used to apply nutrients to the skin to help combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, to deal with skin issues, like spots, and to help skin heal from small wounds.

A moisturiser needs to contain a humectant, which draws in moisture, and an occlusive agent, which retains moisture. When you apply a moisturiser to your skin, humectants draw water from the dermis and take it to the epidermis, which creates a plumping effect. Occlusive agents sit on the surface of the skin as a barrier to protect it from drying out through moisture escaping.

Do you really need to moisturise your face?

Everyone's skin needs are different. This makes the value and necessity of moisturiser different for everyone. If you have dry skin or are coming into contact with lots of free radicals and therefore cleansing your face daily, then moisturisers are very necessary since you need to apply nutrients to your skin. Showering and washing our faces removes moisture, along with dirt and impurities, but that moisture then needs to be reapplied and a moisturiser is the easiest way. 

What is the best face moisturiser?

The best face moisturiser is one that is suited to your skin type. Women's and men's moisturisers often have the same set of ingredients but with different packaging and scents. Many are unisex, even if the marketing doesn't always make that clear. If you have naturally oily skin, an oily skin moisturiser will be better for you as it is formulated to be lighter on your skin. Dry skin facial moisturisers tend to be more oily to give your skin the boost of hydration it needs.

Additionally, applying a moisturiser twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening, ideally after you have washed your face or had a shower - will ensure you are making the best use of your facial moisturiser. Some moisturisers are richer in formulation for overnight use to sink into the skin, while others are lighter for wearing under make-up and so on.

What is the best moisturiser for older skin?

As we get older, our skin produces fewer oils. This means that even if you had oily skin in your youth, you may find that you need a more hydrating moisturiser as you get older. The best moisturisers for older skin will partially depend on your goals. If you want to try and fight wrinkles and other signs of aging then choosing a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid or retinol is a good idea. If you want strong protection from your skin, perhaps because you have some skin issues, then ceramides are a great ingredient to look out for.

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