Avene Thermal Water 50ml

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The Avene Thermale Water provides essential soothing care for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Soothing action for sunburn; after anti-acne treatment; nappy rash; various forms of irritations; razor burn; after hair removal. Comforting and refreshing action: to complete cleansing; to set make-up; after outdoor activity; in summer; when travelling.

How to use: Spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Wait for few seconds, then gently pat dry.

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Teenoo wrote:
I just love it - I spray my face with it every night before I go to sleep, refreshes my skin amazingly. I've also used it when I've had skin irritation from shaving my underarms and it calms it right down. I really love and can't recommend it more. It's a staple product for me from now on
J Munroe wrote:
I bought this product after doing EXTENSIVE online research on the best beauty products around. I'm just about to turn 42, have sensitive skin (it's not too bad but L'Oreal products make me blotchy for instance), and I wear a moderate amount of make up.

My evening skin care routine before was: use a facial wipe to get off make up and waterproof mascara, rinse the facial wipe and use Simple cleansing gel to wash my face, rinse off with tap water, pop on some moisturiser. My skin was doing ok but I felt I didn't really have a 'grown-up' routine and could do better.

So now I use the facial wipe, pop some Bioderma Sensibio H2O on a cotton wool pad and cleanse my face (I found this after extensive research as well - and it is EXCELLENT. Amazingly good stuff actually) then use a handful of still mineral water to rinse my face, dry, then spray with the Avene Thermale. I have to say my skin has never looked better.

Personally it started to look better the minute I stopped putting tap water on it, even better when I used the Bioderma, and top notch now I've added the Avene Thermale. A French friend said the Avene was a very popular product in France and the blurb says it comes from a spring scientifically proven to have healing properties - well my skin looks even in colour, soft, and very healthy. I'm very impressed and I'm VERY hard to please!
DonSim wrote:
I have been a fan of Avene for a while now as it does what it says on the bottle.

It is a very good aid in the sun as it will cool you down but it is also uselful on irritations and insect bites as it does calm the itch and relieve the irritation.

This is also quite a sizable bottle as well so better value for money.

Guys it's a perfect after shaving treatment as it will sooth the skin and is good if you are prone to shaving rash - it will sooth the itch and sore feeling.

If you are concerned about it's contents it doesn't contain alcohol or CFC's as propellants, just plain safe nitrogen gas and avene thermal water.
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