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From cleansing water and sprays to baby wipes, cleansing milks and moisturising creams, we have everything you need to wash your baby's delicate skin with gentle and trusted products from brands such as Uriage, Mustela and Avene. Even if your baby has normal skin, buying the right cleansing products can help to keep conditions like eczema and nappy rash at bay. Shop our range of products and discover gentle cleansers that give parents peace of mind.

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All you need to know about Normal Skin

Can I bathe my newborn baby in a bathtub?

When your child is in the newborn stage, it is better to use wipes and cleansing waters or milks to just wipe their skin, rather than fully submerge them in water. Wait until the umbilical stump has fallen off and the area has healed properly. Once it has, then you can bathe them in a baby bath.

How many different kinds of products should I use on my baby?

When your baby is newborn, you need to use gentle cleansing milks or waters to wipe their skin of any dirt or grime. Make sure any products you use are effective at moisturising and nourishing their gentle skin. Check the label to ensure that the product contains moisturisers to protect the outer layer of skin. Always use a moisturiser on your baby or baby oil after bathing them.

How do I get rid of cradle cap?

Cradle cap usually happens when your baby reaches around 6 weeks old. To treat cradle cap, lather your baby's head up with a mild shampoo every other day and use a soft bristle brush to exfoliate the area and remove the flaky, patchy skin. This should cause the skin to shed off and prevent future outbreaks.

How do I prevent nappy rash?

To prevent a nappy rash, it is important to wash your baby's bottom daily to prevent a rash that can occur from exposure to urine and stools in their nappy. Wash their bottom with a gentle cleansing wash and apply plenty of moisturiser. If you need extra moisture, or your baby still has red and sore skin, consult your GP for recommended nappy rash creams.

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