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Babies have very delicate skin, so naturally you will be cautious when choosing to use baby skincare products. Our skincare for babies range includes a selection of products from the best skincare brands that use high-quality ingredients and formulas that have been specially designed for the sensitive skin of babies.

Our baby skincare collection features body milks, creams, wipes and other essential skincare products to treat common baby conditions, such as dry skin, spots and cradle cap.

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All you need to know about Skincare

You should always consult your GP for any skin conditions your baby or child has, especially if it is in conjunction with any other symptoms such as fever or light sensitivity. Your doctor will be able to recommend specialist treatments, like creams or medicines, to treat the conditions.

What skincare products do babies need?

Newborns will not need any skincare products, particularly within their first weeks and even their first year. For skincare tips on washing your newborn and your baby within their first year, check out our Baby Bathing Tips & Advice blog.

As they get older and spend more time interacting with the world, babies may start to need skincare products such as creams and rashes for dry skin, or moisturiser. Always use skincare that has been formulated for babies, such as baby shampoos, as these are lighter and won't irritate their delicate skin.

What is cradle cap?

Cradle cap is a harmless skin condition that causes small flakes of skin, that look like dandruff, to appear on your baby's scalp, as well as their face, ears, armpits, knees and bottom. Cradle cap will typically clear up on its own but you can help it along with washing and cradle cap creams. 

The medical name for the condition is called infantile seborrheic dermatitis, and it is normally most noticeable within the first two months of your baby being born. As the skin flakes off, the skin underneath may appear red and inflamed. Cradle cap isn't painful or itchy for your baby.

How do I treat cradle cap?

Cradle cap usually clears up on its own in a few weeks, but you can take steps to prevent it if you start to notice signs of it appearing. Wash your baby's head with a mild shampoo or one that is designed for cradle cap. 

Rinse well, then brush your baby's hair to loosen any flakes. Don't pick them off – let them fall naturally. You can also massage cradle cap lotion into your scalp before bed time and leave it to soak in overnight. 

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