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Amino acids are important nutrients that are well-known for being the building blocks of proteins within our bodies. They are vital for hormone function, protein building and a healthy nervous system. Amino complex supplements often contain a variety of amino acids to boost muscle growth and performance. As some amino acids cannot be produced by the body, you will need to get them from your diet. If you don't each much protein, you may be lacking in amino acids, and a supplement may be a good option.

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All you need to know about Amino Complex

What are the benefits of amino acids?

There are various positives to a diet that is rich in amino acids. They help to regulate serotonin production, which can improve mood, regulate sleep and other behaviours. Low serotonin can greatly affect sleep and mood levels. Amino acids can also boost exercise performance, decrease muscle recovery time and aid fatigue. In adults who have degenerative muscular conditions, amino acids can help prevent the breaking down of muscle tissue, helping to preserve body mass. Certain amino acids can also help promote fat loss in some cases.

Which foods contain amino acids?

Amino acids are commonly found in foods that contain protein, such as seafood, fish, poultry, red meat and dairy products. Plant-based grains like quinoa and buckwheat also contain all nine amino acids. Beans and nuts contain most amino acids, as do some leafy greens. Ensuring that you eat a variety of whole grains, protein, dairy, beans, seeds and nuts will help you to make sure you get all the amino acids your body needs. If you are vegan or vegetarian, this may be more challenging, and a supplement may be beneficial. Consult your GP first, though.

What are the side effects of amino acid complex supplements?

If you take amino acid supplements as per the recommended dosage, this will help to minimise any side effects that are felt. Reported complaints include tiredness, fatigue and a lack of co-ordination. It is advised to avoid driving or operating machinery after taking branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine).

Can amino acids help me to lose weight?

If essential amino acid supplements are included with a meal replacement, along with protein, this can lead to an increase in fat loss in some people. Always consult your doctor before taking amino acid supplements in order to lose weight.

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