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We stock a range of creamy and colourful lip glosses that melt easily on the lips while adding gorgeous reflective shine and colour. From sparkly and glittery numbers for a night out, to toned-down hues for everyday use and bold pops of colour, we have a range of lip glosses on offer that are perfect for every skin tone and make-up look. Shop our range of lip glosses for irresistibly shiny lips in a flash.

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  1. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 7ml
    Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 7ml
    As low as £19.00
  2. Clarins Velvet Lip Protector
    Clarins Velvet Lip Protector
    As low as £18.00
  3. Clarins Lip Milky Mousse 10ml
    Clarins Lip Milky Mousse 10ml
    As low as £18.00
  4. Clarins Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer
    Clarins Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer
    As low as £21.00
  5. Lancome L'Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump
    Lancome L'Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump
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9 Items


All you need to know about Lip Gloss

Should I wear lip gloss every day?

Lip gloss, like lipstick, can be very drying to the lips, so it is important that you moisturise your lips regularly through a lip balm when you take your make-up off. If you wear lip gloss every day, hydration is key to prevent your lips from becoming dry and cracked, especially if the gloss has an irritating ingredient or contains a chemical that can dry out the skin (like alcohol).

How do I stop my lip gloss from becoming sticky?

If you have sticky lip gloss, running an ice cube across your lips can help to smooth things out and make it feel less goopy. Another quick fix is by dusting translucent powder across your mouth for a more matte look. If however your lip gloss often gets sticky, it could be that the brand you are using doesn't have a good formulation. A good lip gloss shouldn't be sticky.

How do I make my lip gloss last longer?

You should create the perfect base by using a lip scrub and exfoliating your lips before applying lip gloss. This will ensure that your lips are smooth, which will make the gloss less goopy as you wear it after a few hours, because the skin underneath won't be dry or cracked. Another tip is to apply a little concealer or foundation to your lips before applying your lip gloss. This should help your gloss to last longer.

What is lip gloss made of?

Although formulas may vary from product to product, lip glosses generally contain emollients, which are oils that allow lip glosses to have that very wet and sleek texture, as well as a high shine. Some of these oils may be synthetic or more natural. Natural emollients include vitamin E, coconut and jojoba oil. These are obviously better for your skin than artificial ingredients.

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