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We've got everything you need for your shaving tool kit to ensure a clean, smooth and cut-free shave. From shaving gel and aftershave balms to oils and moisturisers, browse our collection of shaving products from big brands like Clarins, Yves Saint Laurent and Aramis. We even do shaving brushes, too!

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All you need to know about Shaving Products

Do I need shaving cream?

It is advisable to use shaving cream every time you shave. Generally speaking, beard hairs are wiry and tough, and are much sharper than other body hairs. Also consider how delicate the skin on your face is. Cutting such coarse hairs on a very delicate area of your body can be a challenge, especially without snagging your skin. Shaving cream moisturises the skin on your face while offering lubrication to the blades of your razor, to give you a smoother shave without irritation.

What does shaving cream do?

Shaving cream retains moisture in your beard hairs, making them more supple and less coarse to cut, in turn making shaving more comfortable. It also protects the skin by creating a barrier between it and the blade you are using, meaning less irritation, cuts and razor burn. After your shave, your skin will feel more soothed and refreshed afterwards if you are using shaving cream.

What is the difference between shaving foam and shaving gel?

There are some differences between shaving foam and shaving gel, and it is important to use whatever works best for you and your skin. Shaving foam gives you an instant lather straight from the can, and is very easy to rinse off. It should have a very light consistency, too. Shave gel is denser, richer and is more soapy and less creamy in texture, but gives your skin lots of protection.

What is an aftershave balm?

An aftershave balm is a light moisturiser that may contain skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera, or more refreshing oils like tea tree or mint, to refresh the face after shaving while cooling any irritation from razor burn. Aftershave balm isn't usually as rich as a facial lotion or moisturiser, and doesn't tend to make the skin feel oily. If you want more hydration, applying a moisturiser on top of your aftershave balm is a good idea.

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